ourWAU's WAU Google Apps FAQ

WAU Google Apps FAQ


1.  What is Google Apps for Education?

Google Apps is web based collection of applications such as email, calendar & documents.  It provides collaboratative study anytime, anywhere.  Addition information is at Google Apps for Education.

2.  Why did WAU move to Google Apps?

There are several reasons that WAU has integrated with Google Apps.  Email has become a critical service that everyone depends on.  Keeping these services running 24x7 while defending them from hackers and spam attacks has become a major task.  Google Apps provides a robust system that adds additional functionality that we have all become dependent on.  Web email services have been particularly hard to keep up with Google's quality and innovation.  WAU's integration with Google Apps provides collaboration capabilities between students and faculty that can support the learning process.  

3.  Will my email address change after I switch to WAU Google Apps?

No.  Your WAU email address does NOT change.  The only difference is that your new emails will be stored on Google's email server instead of WAU's email sever.  Once you've switch to WAU Google Apps, you will use the Google web email to get your email or switch your Outlook setting to pull from Google.  

4.  Why do I need to Change my Password?

To prepare for WAU Google Apps, everyone is being asked to reset their password.  This does a few things.  First it ensures that your password follows the new stronger password policy.  Second it triggers your account being initialized in Google Apps.  It can take up to 20 minutes for a new account to be created in Google Apps before you can login for the first time.

5.  How do I change my WAU password?

To change your password, first login to https://my.wau.edu, then click on myProfile -> Account Setup.   It can take up to 5 minutes for your changed password to replicate to WAU Google Apps. 

6.  What if I forgot my password?

To reset your password, first go to https://my.wau.edu, then click on myProfile -> Account Setup.   You will be asked your SSN, Birth Date and Home Zip code.   It can take up to 5 minutes for your changed password to replicate to WAU Google Apps.  If this is a new account, It can take up to 20 minutes for your account to be created on WAU's Google Apps. 

7.  There use to be two passwords, what happened to the second?

Your account use to have two passwords -- one for the myWAU and the other for your email.  In preparation for WAU Google Apps and for better product integrations; we have consolidated both passwords in to a single password for all your WAU services.

8.  Can I still forward my WAU Google Apps email to a different account?

WAU will send all of your email to your WAU Google Apps email address.  However, if you want to use a different email account (such as yahoo or hotmail); then you can login your Google Account and set it to forward to your other account.  However it is your responsibility to ensure your forwarding is working.

9.  What happens to my old emails in the old web email system (email.wau.edu)? 

The old web email system (http://email.wau.edu)  will remain active until Dec. 31, 2013.  After which your old emails will be lost when system is deactivated.  One way to keep an email is to forward a copy to yourself.  This will move the email from the old system to your new Google account.  Please ensure you've moved any emails you wish to keep before Dec. 31, 2013.  

10.  How secure and private is WAU Google Apps?

Google does have computer scripts that read your email messages and uses this information for marketing.  You should never send any private information, particularly any Social Security Number, Birthday or Password through any email system unencrypted.  WAU policy is to never send private information through email unless it is encrypted first with a strong password and complies with all FERPA and HIPAA regulations.  For more information you can read Google's Privacy Policy.

11.  How do I sent .ZIP files with WAU Google Apps email?

Google Apps does not allow .ZIP files to be encrypted or contain .EXE files to help prevent the spread of computer viruses.  However you can download a free program called 7-zip at http://www.7-zip.org that offers the same features of .ZIP files.  7-Zip saves files as a .7Z extension instead of the traditional .ZIP.  Make sure to encrypt your .7Z files before attaching to your email.

12.  Is there a limit to my WAU Google Apps email size?

Each user has 30 GB of Google space.  The email attachment limit size limit is 25 MB.  This is an increase in space from the older system.  

13.  What other resources does Google Apps offer?

Google Apps has several resources that you may find useful, such as Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Drive.  Google is always adding new functionality and applications.  These resources are available to you after you log in to WAU Google Apps.   

14.  Can I use my Cell Phone to Connect to WAU Google Apps?

Yes.  WAU Google Apps is just like Gmail.  Most smart phones have an email application that can be configured to attach to Google.  You can also use the native Gmail app provided by Google.  When you configure setup your cell phone for WAU Google Apps, use your full WAU email address as your account.  For example use "username@wau.edu" for your username.

15.  What if I want to use Outlook?

You can still use Outlook as your email client.  You'll need to configure your Outlook to use IMAP.  Set your E-mail Address and User Name to your full WAU email address (such as "jsmith@wau.edu").  Set the Incoming Mail Server to imap.gmail.com, and your Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) to smtp.gmail.com. 

16.  What if I Still have Questions?

You can email your questions to its@wau.edu.  If you need to speak with someone please call the ITS Help desk at x4570.